Monday, August 08, 2011

We're happily re-united again!... Photoshop and I!

That means that I can finally show you my layouts. Not that 've made any MORE of them since M left for work again (I told you - he IS my inspiration!) but... still!

This one.s made solely from stuff I had lying on my scraptable. And yes, my scraptable IS messy! *giggles*
The photo is from Mexico. This is the Paradise River at the Xcaret Park - and the stairs to the right is where M and I went into the water only to snorkel our way around it. Funny piece of anecdote, anyone? Okay, here goes. Don't laugh. (Okay, laugh. I do!)

About halfway through this river, you pass huge glass windows separating the river from a pool of manatees. Now, manatees might not be the prettiest animals on the face of the planet, but I pretty much adore them They're just so dang COOL!
Too cool for school, as it turns out.
So what do I mean by THAT? Is there a problem with the fact that they're cool? Yes, siree! There is! romise. See, they're just too chillaxed to bother checking out (or even caring about) the ugly, pinkish fishes staring at them from the other side of the glass...
...unless one of these ugly, neon-pink-bespectacled-and-tube-breathing-fishies (me) squeals happily and... Let's face it: quite loudly, at the sight of them!
Suddenly, we had manatees checking us out, up close, and I was so stoked!
Pride is just something that gets in the way of up-close-encounters with manatees, you see! ;)

(But I feel rather bad for the people that might have been passing by just on the edge of the cliff above us. It can NOT have been a very pleasant sound - manatee-alluring or not... LOL)

So... Anyhow. Here it is: the Paradise River:

Flowers from Petaloo.

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Kylie said...

Gorgeous Hunny! Glad you have your photoshop back ;)
Hugs Kylie xx

pysselpetra said...

så vacker och harmonisk - glad att du fått tillbaka dit PS och din Mojo :)

WillieburgScrapper said...

WOW! This page is GORGEOUS Zarah! I really missed your pages so I'm glad to see you're scrapping again- yay! Love the lovely jewels all over the page- I've tried that but it's not quite as pretty as when you do it.

Tone K. said...

This is really stunning !! Sooo beautiful !!!
Great colors too !

Amy said...

This is GORGEOUS Zarah! Love the white background, the pic just pops on the page! Glad you have your photoshop back!

Molly said...

vilket underbart kort! ett kort som mottagaren lär bli väldigt glad av:)

du får ha en bra dag :)

teacher jessy said...

That layout is wicked, Z!! I love how the river flows out :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

now i know why i love you so much! i ADORE manatees!! heeeheee :D

Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum said...

I used to have a major obsession with manatees in middle school. And maybe I still do, a little bit. :) That's cool that you got to actually get up close!