Saturday, September 03, 2011

So this purging...

...packing and cleaning delio?

Anyone wanna take over? 'cause I'm fed up with it. I've had it to her *motions to a point just above her ears* and I'm really not wanting to do this anymore.
Just. Not. Fun.
At all.

So, while I go grab some cheese & crackers to go with my whine (...!) - I'll just exchange the boring and cardboard box filled reality for a lovely dream of being back in Mexico with DH.
For instance at Chichen Itzá, riiiiight on the edge of the beautiful holy cenote, with all it's interesting (not to mention bloody and pretty creepy) history.

Flowers? Petaloo, baby!
All the papers are from previous the Nook-kits.

8 sweethearts left feedback:

pysselpetra said...

åh vad jag älskar dina mexicolayouter - färgtemat är bara så inspirerande och vackert. designen är såklart bara helt unfderbar - hade inte förväntat mig något annat. ♥

Tone K. said...

Åhh..så flott denne var ! :)
Skikkelig fin !
Likte oppsettet ditt....fargene og kjempeherlig med alle perlene :)

Sue said...

Hi Zarah, long time no chat. Love your layout. :)

Camilla Ekman said...

Den är LJUVLIG!!!!! Ja helt enkelt underbar!

AnnaB said...

Stort lycka till med alltihop!!! Layouten är förstås alldeles, alldeles ljuuuvlig!

Monnah said...

Härligt! Kul att flytta. En nystart är alltid spännande! I alla fall när man får packa upp i stället för att packa ihop... Hoppas att ni snart är på plats. Finfin layout, förresten. Japp.

teacher jessy said...

It's a very stunning layout... as always!! Miss ya girlie :)

Sherri said...

Hi Zarah, just popping in to see how you're doing with the move. Packing stinks, there's just no way around it girl. I just did it about a year ago. DH was also away at the time,, and I managed with 3 girls and back to school start up...YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Soon enough it'll be wine and cheese in your new digs :)