Monday, October 10, 2011

Please, pardon the mess...

... I'm moving!

We're getting settled in. Had to get wardrobes urgently, since the apartment had a grand total of ONE closet. In the entryway. With nothing but a coat hanger rack in it. (I guess that when they showed M the apartment, during the renovation, and said "we'll put in closets, too" they meant "closet". As in one. Not several. ;))
Kinda tricky to fit our stuff in, then. It's a bit like living in a huge puzzle. Especially considering the fact that our old place is a 3 bedroom plus a spacious livingroom, two bathrooms and a big kitchen and this place is 1,5 bedrooms, one smaller bathroom and a livingroom that's quite a lot smaller than the one we're used to. And no attic. Or storing room.
(We had both, back at the old place.)
But we've chosen to view it as a challenge and an opportunity to get rid of junk and random stuff.
We've cleaned out box after box, tossed more than I care to admit and given TONS of stuff to charity and the purging is still going strong.

So, anyhow.
It's a nice place! For a bigger city, it's kinda calm and quiet - and it's freshly renovated with a brand new kitchen and freshly painted walls. (They used ceiling paint, so it's way more fragile than it probably should, but at least it looks nice.) I really can't complain!

Still getting used to being in a new place. Every morning is an "aha experience".
It doesn't matter. It's smaller and with a lot less storage space. We knew that. It's less quiet and a lot more people. We knew that too. We're together again. We knew THAT and it's all that matters.

...but it sure cuts into my crafting time!
I'll be back as soon as the tiny office is no longer used for storage. ;)