Tuesday, November 29, 2011

False hope? I hope not.

I got some questions in the mail (and a comment here) regarding my "new style".
It's not exactly ground-breaking or overwhelming. It's just that I don't layer as much anymore. At least not as "largely". My current style is still very much me. I'm not straying from the based-on-white with tons of flowers. Just with smaller pieces of paper! :P
It's not exactly new, either. I guess it happened a year back... maybe more?
My only current change is the decision to try more techniques and to go lettersize (...well... A4, actually) - and that's just because I'm tired of having all my LOs just lying around... I came to the conclusion that regular ol' fileholders will do for a4-sized LOs and since I'm a cheapo that's something I'm willing to roll with... ;)

So. With the exception of the Mexico layouts that will still be consistently based-on-white, Petaloo'ed, 12x12 and LilyBee... but apart from that - I'm gonna go with a4 a while. We'll see how long that feels fun!
Here's the first one, featuring the other two Musketeers, Magdalena & Sofia.
Crazy, silly, beautiful, warmhearted, funny, wonderful, amazing friends of mine. Love them!!

LO made after this week's Skissedilla sketch.
Enjoy (I hope)!

8 sweethearts left feedback:

Sue Lui said...

Hellllooooo Zarah!!!! Love your layout and those branches. Are the branches stenciled on?

Wendy said...

I have thought about trying this size, your right it would be alot cheaper!

Broggis said...

Love the funny pictures, and the tough look.
Thank you for participating!

webmosterhelene said...

Ljuvligt fin!!!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog..I have been a number of times since you retracted from the scrapping world. Just wondering if all was OK and all. Glad to see you back.

I totally agree and should have said in my post that at least she is not all "i was born this way" LOL!

Thank you . You made my day. I hope you are well.

Umenorskan said...

Tack för alla trevliga hälsningar i bloggen. Det finns alltid så mycket inspirerande i din blogg.

Nenne said...

Gillar A4...jag började så en gång i tiden men gick sedan över till 12x12 - dumt kan tyckas för som du säger blir man så trött på dessa layouter som ligger i högar (jag är för snål för att köpa dyra album till dem OCH plastfickor - hua!) Kanske att jag ska testa A4 ett tag också..skön tanke faktiskt!

Hur som helst: Grymt snygg laýout, svalt och coolt!

TACK för dina fina kommentarer Zarah!

teacher jessy said...

It is pretty much you, Zarah!! I like what you are doing here... love the branches for sure!