Monday, November 14, 2011

Food for thought...

...and some for my tummy.

I've taken an online class in art journaling, lately. You can see the link to the right of my blog - hanging out with the pretty button for the brand new Nook blog? Yeah - you should check them both out!
Now, the art journaling class is in Swedish, so maybe it'd be a bit hard to keep up if you don't understand our glorious gibbetygook of a lnaguage (... ;)) but I actually think it'd be understandable anyway, because it's based on text and images and quite beautifully simple to follow along. Even for me. That says a lot, by the way because while I've always thought it looked fun to take an online class in art, I never had the nerve. It either seemed to complicated, the list of materials was too long (or hard to get. Even the staples in US, like Elmer's, are sometimes hard for a Swede to get ahold of.)... This time, it was all so basic and fun - and lots of alternatives were listed.

I didn't have all of the materials, still. My crafty corner's been on a diet lately, and lots a considerable amount of weight in the move... but now, at least, I know what I need for my next shopping spree... ;)

Can I show you something for it? Not yet. Will I? Ooooh yes, you betcha! And it was addictive too, so I've got a few more lined up, waiting to be bought/attended/enjoyed. :)

DH's working late tonight. He has this weird non-schedule where he usually gets told on Friday how the schedule for next week is gonna look. Sometimes, we don't know until the day before. Last week was really strange, schedule wise - and he worked two nights followed by a free day (where he slept in, obviously, and thus got quite little time actually "off") and then two eeeeeearly mornings. As in get up at four, at the latest. I think he stayed up for 8 hours that Wednesday, before he had to go to bed.
So, it makes for quite an interesting time, but since my schedule is more or less completely flwxible - we're making it work and trying to reap the benefits.

Tonight, I've made samosas. I tried one (because I'd starve if I'd waited until he got home to eat) and it was deeelicious. We're kind of hooked on Indian food since we moved here, and I decided I should try making some of my own. Did I follow the recipe?
Nopes. I didn't have all the ingredients, and I added a few for good measure...
I just kinda mashed my potatoes and green peas with ground ginger and garlic, tons of coriander leaves, some finely chopped onion, a little bit of lemon juice, cumin and then a spice mix called Chermoula. I also didn't have the right kind of dough, so I stuffed it in puff pastry instead... I guess I'll just call them SHAMosas?! ;)
It ended up super tasty anyway - especially served with Mango Chutney and raita - and I believe s(h)amosas are now my favourite easy-to-make, quick soul food.

Do you have a favourite kind of comfort food, soul food or a particularly amazing (vegetarian) recipe? Share, please! I'm always on the lookout for more fun things to try in my kitchen.

Oh, and yes: I'm gonna tell you my fun secret soo, too...! ;)

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