Thursday, November 24, 2011

I keep up the scrappiness...

...but don't tell DH it's all just an excuse to not vacuum, ok?! ;)

Yeah, okay - maybe that's not the entire story... But it miiiight have a slight hinge of truth to it?

I love this country. I'm very happy to be a Swede. I am. It's just so dark and grey and gloomy all the time, this time of the year, after all the flaming leaves have gone brown or fallen to the ground, and the X-mas lights haven't come out yet. Especially when there's no snow, because at least the snow (while a nuisance in some other ways) lights up the world and brings that childhood winter feeling...
This foggy greyness makes no one happy. At least not me.
Makes me tired and boring. (Yes. Boring - not bored.)

Oh welll. Enough complaining, riiiight?
So, anyhow. While I'm not baking gingersnaps, vacuuming or mopping the floor - I am dreaming of going back to Mexico. I know I've said that before, and I will most certainly say it tons of times more. Especially now, when one of my colleagues at Inzpira is in Playacar as we speak.
For some reason, she didn't think I'd fit into her carry-on luggage. Weird, huh?

Soooo... I got inspired. Whipped out the Mexico photo folder and got jiggy with it. (Sorry. Veronica Mars reruns made me write that!!) Paired with a Skissedilla sketch - this is what became of it:

Flowers from Petaloo and Webster's (the one I picked apart and used as skeleton leaves)
Washi tape from YouDo
Patterned paper from Lily Bee

Oh! And speaking of sketches - for all the Scandinavian cardmakers out there: check out the brand new card sketch for Inzpira! Deadline is January 10:th - and the cards will go in the April number of Inzpira, which happens to be issue 5.
Go, go, go!
Be Inzpired! Have fun! Create!
...and email me the result - info's in the blogpost *here*! :D