Monday, November 28, 2011

It's still me.

I just renamed the blog.
Seemed "...and in english" was a bit redundant, now that the "original blog" is down (for good, as far as it feels right now) and this is the only blog I post to.
Thus: new name. New look, too!
Like it? I do - I'm actually quite proud of myself for making it on my own.
(Although I had tons of help from makingcuteblogs and the elements were made by Shellyrae - who are both linked to the right - so can't take credit for that bit. I just fiddled with the template, html and settings and voilà.)

I know, I know. People hate purple. I don't - I LOVE purple.
Also: it was time for a design that better reflected my current scrap style. More on that later.
*pats queuing LO fondly*

In other news, DH and I spent a very rainy, quite windy day "across the pond" yesterday. First of Advent, and the arrival of Santa Claus + lighting of the X-mas tree in Axeltorv, Helsingør (Denmark). It wasn't too X-massy at first, but as soon as Santa came speeding towards the shore in his red&white boat and was greetied by the masses and a band of adorable and very talented elf-girlies playing X-mas songs, after which he travelled by way of horse & waggon all the way to the town square (while happily waving to the people, and tossing candy along the way) and lighting up the tree with a nice little firework... Well - add two brand new elf hats (yep. We're childish AND dorky.) plus some soul-and-finger-warmingly hot glögg - and in an instant...
...X-mas feeling arrived.

We made a lot of people grin on the way back, too. I guess they liked our hats.
(Or, more likely, they thought we looked rather laughable. Well - we don't charge extra for making people laugh, in any case. :))

Just to round this post off, here's a collection of photos of DH yesterday:

(My goodness, I love this man!)

...and a sliiightly more traditional one. Santa (can you see him up at the top, to the right?) ligthing the tree:

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!
Now, I'm off to colour some brand new SomeOddGirl-images - because there's a quite lurvely Cyber Monday sale going on. Sign up for the newsletter, to make sure you don't miss out!

6 sweethearts left feedback:

Tettiz said...

I'm one of those not in love with purple, but I love your blog and the new looks of it, so I'll give you some loooove!

Looking forward to some new cards/LOs, too!


citronlime said...

Och den är sååå fin! Lila <3


Malin said...

Tada! Urtjusig nygammal blogg, som vanligt, i framtiden - eller hur det nu var..! ;-D Finfint i vilket fall som helst. *nickar*

Monnah said...

Vilken fiiin blogg! (Och det tycker jag fast jag är en sådan där som egentligen inte är så förtjust i lila. Från början, får jag nog säga. För idag har vi planerat nya produkter som är - lila!) Lycka till med nya stilen. Jag ser fram emot att få kika på den. Och så tycker jag att din man är riktigt cool, speciellt med de där hattarna. :)

pysselpetra said...

Love the new looks (and the new name) of your blog.


Leah the Orange said...

1. i like the look of the new blog.
2. i like the name, too! (love the movie, Paper Moon!)
3. your hub is such a cutie pie. i wanna see more pics of the two of you together!
4. YAY, new SOGgies! can't wait to see more of your gawjess projects, luv.
5. you're still the awesomest.