Friday, December 02, 2011

A day that leaves a lot to be desired...

This morning, I woke up bright and early and immediately woke up DH. Because I'm nice like that, and I thought he'd be happy to be woken up by me, rather than by the incessant alarm, and after all - I HAD awakened juuust as it gave off its first beep!
Aren't I just the BEST wife ever?!
...or so I thought, for a second or two, before I realized that the phone didn't continue to be lit up - nor did it beep anymore after that initial signal. So... I checked my bedside clock and found out that it was 01:12 in the morning.
Sorry, luv - go back to sleep! Your wife's just being an idiot, once more...

Luckily, he fell asleep immediately again (more or less) whereas I had huge trouble in that department. Not only had I already woken up thoroughly, I now worried that he wouldn't get enough sleep. Great.
I finally slept a few hours, and according to DH I spent most of those punching him... Apparently I channeled Steven Seagal while sleeping. The only upside is that I don't channel jaws and bite people in the face, like some people I know... *cough cough*

So. Come morning I get out of bed again, to the wonderful realization that the cat has not only been on the table (which she is NOT allowed) but she has thrown up all over my book. My new book. The one I'd read 40 pages in. The one that was now heading straight for the trash can. I'll spare you the details... ;)

Let me tell you: that cat was CHEAP, this morning!!

Three hours later, give or take. the postman arrived with a slip. Wohooo! Finally, my day would turn around!
...if only I hadn't, apparently, lost my id-card and, lacking that, couldn't even pick up my package. Spent an hour asking people in the local shops and walking back and forth where I last had it. Nowhere.
Still hoping, though.

So now, I'm gonna get back to scrapping. Because I need to focus on something happy.
Like memories from Mexico. Memories such as this one:

(I actually made THIS layout the other week. I made another one today. I'll show you later.)

I don't remember where the PP's from.
Flowers: Petaloo
Rub-ons: Kaisercraft
Stencil: The Crafter's Workshop
Random goodies (button card, doily, postage stamp) from the birthday gift that sweet Rimna sent me ♥

8 sweethearts left feedback:

Keri said...

I always love your thoughtful layering and gorgeous design the tilting of the photo trio, and the flow of the embellishments! Hope you have a better day, girl! :)

pysselpetra said...

vilken dag - huva - ursnygg layout.

marlies said...

I just want to say that I love you're lo's !

webmosterhelene said...

Hehehe, så tokigt det kan bli ibland ;-)

Vilken fantastisk sida du gjort!! Grym liftvarning på den!!

teacher jessy said...

You are such a good storyteller, I love your sense of humor for sure!! Lol. Your layout is super awesome... as always!! Loving the purple on your blog :)

Mette said...

Men sååå fin! Din stil är helt otrolig!!!!! Gillar massor!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Oh WOW!!!! LOVE the focus on those photos- such a dreamy quality to the pages- GREAT design- the stamped canvas texture here and there is incredibly effective!

Cattis said...

Vilken fantastisk snygg layout!! Gillar mycket!