Monday, December 12, 2011

Random notes.

I have nothing very inspiring or interesting to jot down here, today - and the greyness and wetness of the so called winter outside doesn't inspire me much, either, so therefore - here are a few things that just crossed my mind.
  • I wish my friends & family lived closer. Yes, I like it here - but it still gets lonely sometimes.
  • Just 12 days to X-mas (we celebrate on the 24:th in Sweden. Strange? I know. We just kind of adapted our dates from back in the days when we had the ritual winter sacrifice then. Way back. Before we became Catholics, which was quite some time before we became Protestants. Oh well.) and I'm yet to feel Christmassy.
  •  I've been scrapping quite a bit, lately. Finally, my room is close to done and my mojo's caught up with me. It seems to like the A4-format, too. So do I. Way cheaper to buy albums this way. ;)
  • If you need a similar boost, I sincerely recommend Inzpira's call page. Right now, we only accept entries from Scandinavia - but hey: you can still get your mojo on, right?! ;)
  • Don't forget to check Inzpira's advent calendar, if you're Scandinavian! Tons of fun stuff looking for new owners, and inspiration galore. :)
  • I really need to get a haircut.
How's THAT for random, huh? And just because of bullet number one, here's an LO too:

    I kind of made it with scraps from another project, that I can't show you yet... But I will. Soon. :)

    Paper: Crate
    Washi tape and half pearls: YouDo
    Flowers & leaves: Petaloo
    Alpha: Basic Grey
    Other: Crackle Accents, white pen (Pilot), mist, doilies, a heart-sticker, star-pins, postage stamp, lace, staplers and a piece of number cs as a stencil.

    10 sweethearts left feedback:

    pyssloteket said...


    Janine said...

    ooo so pretty

    Anna said...

    Fiiint! :D

    Synd på den där tjejen med dubbelhakan, dock. ;)

    WillieburgScrapper said...

    Hi Zarah! I'm so sorry I haven't been here in so long! This page is so incredibly beautiful! I love how you mix romantic vintage materials and modern design in your pages- it's such a great mix. Wonderful details, texture and photo here.
    I just started up taking 1 photo a day and I find more inspiration from that than trying to find my mojo which I suspect suffers from lack of light and hot weather in the winter. I'm thinking of escaping to Florida for a week in January- just to see her there and ask her to please come home. ;)

    Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum said...

    cute! love the colors and textures.

    Amy said...

    Your layouts are gorgeous Zarah and I enjoy reading your posts, I learn something every time! :)

    Monnah said...

    Kul att du scrappar A4. Det har du väl aldrig gjort förut?

    citronlime said...

    Alltså...ärligt talat...!!! Näe, jag vet inte ens vad jag ska skriva...förutom helt jäkla sjukt snyggt!!!!

    lauren bergold said...

    holy ♥WOW♥ if that's just the SCRAPS how ever flippin' cool is the "real project" gonna be??!?! (past experience suggests starting my expectations at "DROOL WORTHY" and moving up from there...) :) :) :) you never ever disappoint, missus, that's for sure!!! this is AMAZING! ♥

    Mrs Frizz said...

    oh wow Zarah ...this is beyond gorgeous ... that banner is divine!