Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A canvas... and a blogdesign that needs an update.

I just realized (yesterday) that my blogdesign feels sort of ... unmatchey. I'm still very happy with it, as far as design goes, and I DO love purple - but it's so soft and romantic, and my current style of scrapbooking is... not.
So... Time to get my design on!
Fingers crossed? ;)

Speaking of make-overs:
My scrap space is small. I think I've told you this. In the contract for our apartment, it was called a "half room". It's not, though. It's too small to be a half room (we did some measuring and figured this out.) Most of the people in our building use their "half rooms" for storage. We don't. We rent a storage space and I get to keep all my crafty stuff in here, instead. I guess you COULD say that we're, in a way, paying to have all my scrappy stuff in one tiny little room...
...but you'd be slightly wrong. Just slightly. See - we're also paying for the pleasure of NOT seeing moving boxes stacked in a part of our living space. There's a window, facing the entryway to our apartment, in my tiny space and windows+storage= bad idea. Trust me.
It's just not something you want to be staring at when you're unlocking your door.

In any case, having a very small space means having to have smart solutions and to not have everything out in the open. It also means that it's a good idea to keep your furniture (second hand+IKEA bargains all the way) and your storage AND your "pretty things just for fun" (because we all know: those are what makes a space a ROOM, right! ;)) as much in the same colour scheme as possible.
I'm trying to get this balancing act together on a budget. A rather strict one.

Does that sound boring?
It's really NOT! I love flee market shopping for fun items to add to my room and it's actually pretty roomy and cute, for a tiny space. ...even if it gets cluttered up and messy in a heart beat as soon as I start crafting. I am NOT a neat scrapper.

The bottom line is that I REALLY love my space. It could still use some improvements, sure - but it's all MINE and it's all just the way I decide that I like it. Which, by the way, means: creamy whites, blackish brown and stark turquoise. I'll show you some day - when I'm not in the middle of a project = when it isn't a complete mess! ;)

...and, while we're on the topic of projects: Here's my newest canvas. A 10x10 little thing that makes me smile.

What have YOU been making, lately?
Leave a comment below & I'll pop by and check it out!

Have a Happy Leap Day!

18 sweethearts left feedback:

Emmy said...

In the words of Sheldon: Half a sandwich? Do I need to wait for someone else to order the other half?

Even as an architect I dont get the half room thing! :)

Loooove your art!

kaylou said...

wow ... this is gorgeous, I love the colours together and your technique.. thanks for the inspiration.
Hugs Kaylou xx

Ann Cicilie said...

Elsker canvasen du har laget :)

Annelie said...

Grymt snygga alster du gjort, försöker själv att lära mig att bli lite mera "crazy" : )

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeee this!! LOVING the colors, the textures and the balloon! And I hear you on small spaces... I have a walk in closet! lol!

Nenne said...*beundrar* läckert med krackeleringen och SNYGGT fotat!

Tusen tack för kommentaren Zarah - du gör _alltid_ min dag när du tittar förbi :)

Nenne said...

Ja, just det...vad är en post om ditt scrapurtrymme utan foton? *grymtar* :p

Monnah said...

Haha, jag lämnar en kommentar, men det senaste jag gjorde var nog ett kort till kortskissen. Nu är det i alla fall en hög You Do-grejer på gång inför blogguppdateringarna den närmaste månaden. Jag älskar din lilla tavla...

Danielle said...

Fabulous canvas, girl! Love all those mixed media stuff you're creating. And you're totally right about your scrappy space: you have to make it a room and this canvas will definitely help!

citronlime said...

Meeeen...först och främst; urläcker bloggdesign! Den är verkligen det "nya" Zarah! Passar utmärkt ju! :)

Och sen...alltså, vad ska jag skriva?! Du är makalös...Är det något du inte kan göra?!
Såå fin canvas!


Carol said...

super duper cool....the blog and your art!!!

Alex said...

Dina tavlor rockar!!! Har du öppnat nån shop på Etsy än då? Den här är såååå läcker!

Men du, jag håller med Nenne... en sånt här inlägg måste bara innehålla photon! :-P

Gillar din nya blogg!!! Jag gillade starkt din gamla också, men den här känns verkligen myyyycker mer som du! Bra jobbat!

danni reid said...

love, love your canvas z, wow!!!

pysselpetra said...

underbar Canvas och jag gillar verkligen din nya blog design - du får lära mig hur man gör för jag vill också "bo" lika fint som du :)

scrappin_in_AK said...

beautiful canvas and love your new blog design

Anna said...

Helt jäkla underbar canvas, vännen! Love it!

Ja, du, det senaste jag gjorde? Minns inte, men jag misstänker att det var ett Välkommen-till-världen-kort... för ca sju månader sen. ;)

Annika kort & gott said...

Åh helt galet snyggt!
Gissa om jag blev nyfiken att se ditt lilla kryp in när jag läste din beskrivning, ser fram emot att få se lite bilder framöver.
kram Annika

Maja Stokk / eyovine said...

Magnifikt konstverk... Vill bara sticka in handen genom skärmen och känna lite ;). Måste titta på den en stund till....

Kramiz Maja