Friday, March 16, 2012

Craft marathon recap.

Last Thursday, DH and I packed ourselves, our bags and a bazillion stuff of a craftier nature (including one huge moving box filled to the brim with things for sale) into the car and made our way upwards in our country. We reached the home of one of my best friends, Anna, in the evening and spent it in the laziest and most comfortable way possible (saving our strength for the weekend! ;)) by chatting, having tea and hugging.

The following morning, I kissed DH byebye for the weekend, Anna & I got our acts together and went to see Alex at "Portvaktsstugan". Back in the old days, this was THE place for making movies and this little café is left looking like it came out of the memories of your grandmother or grandfather. Everything is 20 to 40's style and most of the things in there are actually props from old movies!
Such a FANTASTIC place to meet such a FANTASTIC person!

But hold on - we were just getting to the meeting place.
If I had been nervous before (and I admit: I was totallt nervous), that fled the second I saw Alex exiting the stairs of the Subway. I recognized her immediately and it was so much FUN to finally see her in person!
From there on, there were only chatter, laughter, silly jokes, too many cups of coffee out of exquisite old china, waffles and a few other customers that we might have scared away prematurely. I guess they were allergic to laughter? ;)
We only had little over an hour, so we had to break up the party pretty early, but I am SO going to
1. make sure I see Alex again, when I'm in the Stockholm vicinity
2. have coffee at the Portvaktsstugan again.
3. preferably at the same time

After goodbye hugs, Anna and I went back to her place and packed up the car (her car, this time) to go to KOMA, a crafty gettogether in Strömsholm, Sweden.
We took a small detour and swung by at Camilla's place (Anna's best friend and a super sweet gal I have had the pleasure of meeting twice before) and got to snuggle a bit with one of the world's cutest babies. Who actually liked me! I'm not sure that's a good sign, but I have to admit that I loved it...! ;D

Onwards, forwards: towards Strömsholm!
We arrived in the afternoon. Sun shining down on green meadows, horses, and amazing views. Wow. I could EASILY have spent a day or three, just wandering around in the fantastic nature there. It is just beau-ti-ful!! Castles, huge old stables, mansions... it's really a gorgeous place on earth!
...but we were on a mission. We arrived at our destination (a hostel we had gotten to "borrow" courtesy of one of the fab ladies in the planning group of the event) and started unloading our things: tossing stuff into "our room", putting the huge sale-box into the dedicated fleemarket-room, putting all the stash we brough on our spots at the tables aaand - of course - chatting with old and new friends who arrived one by one.

Thus began a phenomenal weekend.
Strange (a.k.a awesome) jokes. Exceptionally fun and friendly atmosphere. New nicknames. Tons of new things I have to buy, after seeing them in action. Too few photos, because I was just too busy to remember taking any. Good food. Friendship! ...and 6 new LOs.

I still haven't completely processed it all, but I had a BLAST and I am already looking forward to next year's KOMA. I also know that there are NO better roomies than Anna & Emmy.
Love you!

Here's the very first LO I made, for the "quick challenge". We had 4 hours and were supposed to make an LO using only black/white+ 1 accent colour. I made this:

M, Anna, me and Andréas at Anchor (Stockholm) after Anna and I had been at the needtobreathe-concert.

Washi tape (gift from my darling Anna): Tim Holtz
Flowers: Petaloo
Journaling spots from, I believe, Elle's Studio
Swiss dot template: Crafter's Workshop
Letter template: Harald Nyborg
Bling: You Do

Other: Thickers, Baker's Twine, doily, glassine bag, Crackle Accent and two adorable butterflies that I got from Emmy. :)

Ps. Alex! Next year, you HAVE to come, too! :D

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Alex said...

Vet du, jag kommer lääääänge att leva på den timmen (eller var det en och en halv? två?) Det kändes liksom som världens naturligaste grej att sitta där och skratta med er två. Kändes mer som en reunion än första dejt :-)(och ja, jag var också sååååå nervös på vägen dit!) Är en miljon procent säker på att det inte var sista gången vi tre fikade...

Har gått med i nu och väntar på att få kontot aktiverad. Sen ska jag bara chatta upp mig så att jag får följa med nästa år :D

Älskar din svartvita (o gröna) LO! De små svarta cirklarna och det prickiga spåret efter fjärilarna... läckert! Du är ju så bra!

Fleursbydesign said...

Gorgeous layout love the twine :)

Marinette said...

Gorgeous layout and fabulous design! Love the colors you used and all the flowers♥

Stephanie Lee said...

love the B?W with a touch of green!! stunning!

scrappin_in_AK said...

fabulous page - wonderful stlye and pops of green are wonderful

pruts said...

beautiful !!!
cute little butterflies that leave a treal. :-)

alexandra s.m. said...

Love your page and your detailed post Zarah!

Monnah said...

Men - hur läcker som helst! Så fint med de mjuka, gröna färgerna till kontrasterna.

Elina said...

Det var så roligt att äntligen få träffa dig på riktigt! Håller du i spelstunden nästa år också?! ;)