Monday, March 12, 2012

The other "other" man in my life.

I have two "other" men in my life, who both occupy huge pieces of my heart, aside from DH.
Luckily, DH doesn't mind. See - one of these men in our cat Anton. You know, that crazy red one, the one I keep scrapping? The other one is my father.

I have told you guys before, and I could go on about him.
I won't, though. All I really need to say on the matter is this:
He's my rock, my living encyclopedia and my hero.

He's the best.

Sasparilla papers by October Afternoon, from the February Nook kit.
Template by Crafter's Workshop.
Bling by You Do.

In other news:
I'm just back from a weekend of intense socializing, scrapping, laughing, good food, tons of coffee and megamuch fun at "KOMA" - an annual crafty gettogether in Strömsholm, Sweden. I had a BLAST and I managed to get six layouts done. (Whoop whoop - go me!)

Gonna show'em soon!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! :)

9 sweethearts left feedback:

Alex said...

Helt fantastisk!!! Älskar lilla fågeln som flyger ut från buren. Sååå smart detalj för den här titeln!

(men allvarligt... sex layouter???? oh my... jag hade legat halvdöd om jag hade varit så där produktiv...)

Mag said...

What a beautiful message for your father !!
This LO is gorgeous !

Annika said...

En helt underbar sida!!

danni reid. said...

i love this layout, you can feel your love, admiration and respect, very masculine too, amazing♥

Sherri said...

The love you have for your father is palpable through the screen. You are soooo very lucky to have that Z. I bet he's equally proud of his beautiful, zany, funny, creative girl too!

pruts said...

very beautiful !!!!!!!!!

Hilde/Scoobie said...

For en herlig tittel du har valgt! Og detaljene er jo perfekte for akkurat den! Din pappa må være super fornøyd!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is GORGEOUS! I loveeee the photo and loving that birdcage!

alexandra s.m. said...

Hi Zarah!

I love this page! Your placement and the symbol behind the bird cage and the little bird flying away from the nest ;-)

Greetings from Chicago~