Friday, March 02, 2012

Update: accomplished. (And an LO, too.)

So, I spent the better (as in the lightest, springiest) hours of yesterday staring at the computer screen. I really should have been taking a walk, because spring is actually trying to establish itself outside my window. There's not a speck of snow left, the birds are singing (the magpies are nesting on the roof outside our living room - it's all just like one big, funfilled Nature Channel for the cats) and the first brave flowers are pushing their way through the mud. Up up up towards the light.
It all just makes me smile.
(And sneeze. Some pollens are rather early.
Never mind that. The smiles make up for it!)

Uh. Sidetracked much?
Yes. I re-designed the blog.
Whatcha think? :)

I'm gonna make up for yesterday's laziness and get some work done. Work and chores and a walk. That's my agenda for today. Maybe some scrapping after dusk has arrived and the birds have retreated, the sun has gone down and the magpies have stopepd amusing the cats.
And coffee. Always coffee.

Anyway. Here's an LO I made for a scraplift chain over at the Nook. We were 5 teams with 6 people in each - all of the teams starting out by lifting a wonderful LO of Sherri's and then it just progressed from there, each person lifting the LO of the person before them, and all of it happening in secret via private messages. Like the whisper game, only more tangible. (And more fun. And prettier!)
See the entire release of all the beautiful LOs *here*

...and here's mine:

Papers from the December Nook kit - it's all Crate, baby! ...and journaling spots from the Valentine's Nook kit, meaning: Lily Bee.
Gotta LOVE 'em, both! ...and gotta LOVE the Nook, for having the BEST kits!

6 sweethearts left feedback:

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the new blog look...and your lo is AMAZING!! Loving all the misting!

Sherri said...

Love the new look, it's so very Zarah :) Loved this layout in the reveal, and still loving it here. Have a great weekend Z!

teacher jessy said...

Love the arty look and it looks really good!! I like it a lot my friend! That layout is scrumptious!! Nom nom nom :)

Dana said...

Hello Sweet Friend! Long Time! I see you are still creating a little slice of heaven! :)

Jennie said...

Tack för din snälla kommentar:) Har tillslut "vågat" lifta dig, och laddat min blogg med inlägg till imorron! Tack för inspirationen!

alexandra s.m. said...

HI Zarah!

Love your page <3
Don't you find the duo Orange&Green absolutely gorgeous?!! It's full of life, perfect to capture the essence of your page

Greetings from the Windy City ~