Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, I'm in love!

(Not to mention Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday! ;))

The fourth of my six layouts from the Craft Marathon.

...I just wrote the weirdest, chattiest and least productive blog post ever. Like 20 rows of words that really amounted to nothing. *shudders* Erase/rewind!! ;)

Facts - of a more or less random kind:
1. So far, this year, I have made 32 (I think) layouts and ..a lot of cards. (I made 14 the day before yesterday alone.) I think this is the MOST productive I've ever been. I love scrapping a4!
2. I have a few super fun, scrappy secrets/news up my sleeve... Yes. I did. SUCH a tease, right?! ;)
3. I am looking forward to Inzpira's and Sizzix' huge contest of the Spring. (If you're Scandinavian, you REALLY should look it up!:)
4. Our wedding anniversary is coming up. (Whoa. Does that mean I'm almost an adult??!)
5. I really miss my friends from "back home" and I miss the ones that already lived far away and that now live even FARTHER away - but I still like this place. More that I expected to.
6. ...and now I need to go get my lauyndry done - so those are today's random facts.

Here's that LO I was talking about:

Stuff from Emmy's drawers...!! Or was it Anna's?! ;)
(We made eachother kits for the craft marathon. Super fun to make, super fun to get - aaaand... You guessed it! Super fun to work with, too! I highly recommend this! :))

7 sweethearts left feedback:

Emmy said...

Weee! Den är så toksnygg!
Yay pun!
Ja mera kit!! Dumma posten som är så dyr annars kunde vi skicka kit ofta till varann! Kul att du fick användnung av mina gamla grejor!

Marinette said...

I love love love when you tear your papers! I also like the effect on your picture ( a post-treatment??) Gorgeous♥

Alex said...

Love, love, love, love, love! Helt fantastisk!!! Älskar färgerna. Oh, och den supersöta lilla sländan! Ahhh! Jag är kär!

alexandra s.m. said...

Dear Zarah,

This is such a cool Page!
Love your splatters and everything about your lay-out.

Have a terrific week-end!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love your random facts! And I loveeeeeee the lo! LOVING the circles and the flowers!

Angi said...

Wow this is beautiful!

Monnah said...

Ja, men så blir det ibland! Orange och grönt, det är fina grejer det... Gulligt foto på er, förresten. Och grattiskramar till din fantastiska kreativitet!