Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello, new week, and welcome!

Interesting fact 1: if you toss my vegetarian spring rolls into the same frying pan as the meat... I won't think they're vegetarian. I won't want to eat them. Anyone suprprised? Apparently this wasn't as obvious as I thought it'd be.
Needless to say that restaurant lost some customers that day.

Interesting (?) fact 2: I have the ability to make an entire carful of people laugh by stopping midsentence and happily squealing "BUMBLEBEE!!". They say they were laughing WITH me because I was "being cute". I'm not convinced... ;)

Interesting fact 3: Nothing in the world tastes better than fresh pineapple, fresh mango, fresh strawberries/raspberries do together. Nothing, I tell you. If I could eat ONE food group alone, for the rest of my life, I'd pick fruitandberries. (See what I did there, making them appear as one? Da clevez. I has them! ;))

Enough of these hardly-interesting-facts and onto some of that ink-and-paper with which I tend to fill these posts. Some cards. Four out of fourteen, all made in about half an hour. In total.
Templates from The Crafter's Workshop + stamps from HellaBella Design + distress inks & sponge + some printed sentiments from my computer (+ random bling... or not) = these:

11 sweethearts left feedback:

Anna said...

So simple and yet so gorgeous!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I like your facts and I think your cards are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Tone K. said...

wow....this is just beautiful !
I love the simplisity and the bird is really a perfect detail :)
Thanks for the inspiration :)

Sherri said...

Looks like I've been neglecting you my sweet. Lots of eye candy I've not yet seen. Love the layout of you and DH, and the one of "stuff from Emmy's or Anna's drawer lol. What a great idea to create kits for one another. Hope you've had a lovely day Z! Looking forward to all your secrets being revealed!

Choup72 said...

Like the simplicity and the free style! Beautiful result!

Umenorskan said...

Coola kort

Muffin said...

Hörredu, min kära spann vatten! Jag tokgillar som vanligt dina alster men inte minst njuter jag av alla dina ord. Du har en alldeles särskild förmåga att flänga omkring med bokstäver och ord så de bildar lagom långa, inspirerat välformulerade och humorkryddade haranger som landar så bra i mina öron (ögon). Oj, vad jag tycker att du är bra.
Kram på sig, frun!

Kate Vickers said...

Pretty! I love these cards. :)

alexandra s.m. said...

Hello Sweet Zarah!

I used to be vegan so I totally "get it" ;-)
I love your cards! so so beautiful and creative

Greetings from Paris~

Maya said...

Men åååååh så mycket vackert jag hittade i din blogg. Denna lägger jag till i google reader så att jag inte missar något.

Alex said...

Varje gång jag ser dem här slås jag av det enkla, det avskalade, det vackra. Genialt. Helt enkelt genialt.