Sunday, May 06, 2012

...and eeeexhale...

Sometimes things happen and it seems time speeds up!

Wednesday, a dear friend of mine wrote on Facebook that she was in the mood for some coffee and asked if anyone cared to join her. I answered "Sure - yoo comin' round?!" and the next thing I know, she calls and says
"Should I pop by? I could leave in 40 minutes."

Long story short: she did. And when I say "pop by" I mean that as in "should I hop on a train and take a 5 hour train ride and come visit?".
She's quiiite spontaneous like that! :D

We spent Thursday shopping, having a wonderful vegetarian buffet (taht I've been dying to try since we moved here), strolling, chatting-chatting-chatting, eating the BEST icecream by the harbour, laughing, snapping silly photos... and eventually (7½ hours later) going back here. Such a lovely day!
Friday was a lazy day full of sunshine (on the balcony) and coffee and catching up, talking about old times and just relaxing... until we went to the gym and danced ourselves silly, at the "afro-class" that we decided we had to try.
I hardly got 50% of the steps right - but I had TONS of fun!

DH picked us up, treated us to an "after workout smoothie" (SO yummy) and drove us back home where we were spoiled rotten with sushi he'd picked up on the way home from work, before getting us. Yum!

On Saturday, we went to see the last of Skåne's cows being unleashed into "the wiiiild"...
Cows are seriously cute animals! Especially when playing and jumping for joy!
Maggan went home soon afterwards, and DH and I swung by my sweet friend Matilda and her family for coffee, hugs and meeting their brand new (pretty much) baby girl.

After that: to the inlaws to pick up our moving box filled with the season's clothes and back home.

I'm finally caught up with work/Inzpira's Huge Spring Contest and now... it's time for tea and The Big Bang Theory with DH.

Meanwhile - here's the LO that was my contribution to the Pyssloteket inspiration-blog on Friday:

Cherish your happy moments!

5 sweethearts left feedback:

Sherri said...

Sounds just dreamy, and one of those days to pause and give thanks for all the beauty and love in your life. So glad you got to experience that Zarah, even if it did leave you tired. There will be plenty of time to sleep when you're old hee hee. Hugs my friend!

Maja Stokk / eyovine said...

Fantastisk layout!!!Å vilket foto sen... får mig att verkligen längta efter sand mellan tårna =)

Kramiz Maja

Willea said...

Helt underbart vacker!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you had great fun and I'm sure you will translate these moments into beautiful pages!!

Lovely Page indeed, I still love the way you have with clusters so much!

Happy Monday! ;o)

Erika said...

Superbe page! Bravo :-)