Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Midsummer's Eve!

Made for the You Do (mid)summer-challenge. I kind of lifted myself, here. Using You Do washi-tape, my fave Petaloo flowers (I'm almost entirely out! The horror!), doilies and distress ink. 

In Sweden, Midsummer's Eve is a huge thing. People dance around a dolled up "midsummer pole" (basically a huge cross with a ring from each "arm" - all of it dressed in leaves and flowers) and sing songs that say "We are little frogs" and other - fully reasonable - things... ;)
After dancing a little, people gather to eat pickled herring with cute, small, fresh potatoes, sourcream, dill, chives and to drink way too much beer and booze - and of course, "everyone" just HAS to have strawberries.
I like my herring/potato/sourcream with boiled eggs and a tossed salad.
...and I substitute the booze for a cup of coffee with my strawberries.
I'm rebellious like that! ;)

But seriously. While some people go over the top, Midsummer's Eve is a lovely, old tradition and it usually brings people together in a wonderful way. Families and friends gather to bask in the sun, have strawberries with whipped cream, laugh and enjoy eachother's company.
It's great! (...and, often, also a fab way to get to snap photos of people you might not see again until X-mas - so bring that pocket camera! ...but remember to be present in the moment, as well. You won't do yourself a favour by capturing everything on photo, if you're not actually enjoying the day. Just sayin'...! :))

Hope the sun's shining down on you, whereever you are, and that you're having a wonderful Midsummer's Eve. If you're not celebrating like a Swede, why not go pick up a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream? I really recommend the movie from 1999 - because I adooooore Stanley Tucci as Puck.
Then again, I do have a thing for those late-90's Shakespeare adaptions. But that's another story.
Oh - and grab some strawberries.
You will thank me.

A Good Midsummer Night's Eve (or Night) to you!
*curtseys with a flourish, and sneaks out to the right*

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alexandra s.m. said...

What a lovely post Zarah!
Thank you for sharing these beauties and your traditions with us!
I'd love to experience that once in my life ;-)) and I'd do like you, no booze but I'd try everything else!!