Friday, August 10, 2012

A Swede on Swiss Girl Designs?

We're not the same.
Switzerland is that country with the mountains, cheese, the chocolate and the cuckoo-clocks.
Sweden is home of deep forests, Pippi Longstocking, ABBA, IKEA and Alexander Skarsgard... ;)
Swiss gals make wonderful stamps (at least one of the does!) and Swedish gals just love those stamps.

Sometimes, we combine our forces and do this:
*click here to see the gDT-post in Rahel's blog*

Want a sneak?
Sure! Here you go:

If you want to see the LOs as a whole, though (and I really hope you WILL want to!) - pop on over to the Swiss Girl Designs blog and check them out.
Scroll down a little for her DT-reveal too, and just check out the TALENT of that team! ...and don't forget to pop into Rahel's etsy-shop and get some of those babies for yourself. They're amazing and the quality is fantastic.

You'll love'em!

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