Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What to do, what to doooo?...

What to do with all those canvases, that is!
I'm on a mixed media spree. I've made a bunch the last few days and I can't seem to stop. (Only I'll have to, pretty soon - or go canvas shopping at my canvas-dealer's - since I am running out of canvases...! ;))
Now the question is: do I just keep paintin over all the ones I've made already or do I... what? Sell them?

I only have SO many walls, after all! ;)

Here's one of my current faves:

It says
"the forest would be very quiet
if no birds sung
apart from the ones with the prettiest songs"

(...loosely translated from Swedish.)

Have a great week!

6 sweethearts left feedback:

Schnipseldinge said...

A wonderful canvas - I love the green and the light blue. Bird and cache are great, anyway. Monika

korvssonsscrap said...

Ursnygg! Och jag tycker du borde sälja dina vackra tavlor. Dom är verkligen fina!

Patricia Roebuck said...

You could probably sell them. Or you could change them out a lot! I love canvass and need to do more. This is stunning! Beautiful quote.

Choup72 said...

wow!! gorgeous!

alexandra s.m. said...

You are such an accomplished artist Zarah!
A real Work of art!
I'd hang it if I were you!!

Hope you're well ;-)

HUgs from Chicago~

ByKirsti said...

this post really made my wanna get bag to art journaling!

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