Friday, September 07, 2012

Of paints, nudges and the end of an era

Today, I have three topics for my blog post.
One is paint. The other is one of those "look what I made elsewhere-nudges".
The third topis is my thoughts on the end of an era.

Let's get started, shall we?
Paint. Acrylic paints, distress inks, stamping pads and stamps, masks and stencils and crackle paints, gesso, mod podge and fun texture mediums. I am in love with them all!
I popped by Donna Downey's blog a while back (it's been AGES so I'm a bit happy my internet stumbling led me there!) and I found a painting I really liked.
The inspiration stayed with me, and while this isn't exactly a CASE, you can definitely see how some elements were pretty much stolen and incorporated as is. I hope Donna doesn't mind - and I thank her for the inspiration!
My canvas is a small one. 6x6 inches and probably my favourite one, right now - because of the exceptionally clever, beautiful and eloquent Terry Pratchett-quote.
Gotta love that man and his wonderful mind!

So... here's what my canvas looks like, perched on its ledge:

(Looks better IRL. The crown looks less strange and more like crackled metal.)

My second topic, the "gentle" nudge? Yeah - here it is:
I've blogged for Pyssloteket. Go. Run. Read! (...and comment? Comments make me happy. *hint hint* ;))

The third topic is one that actually makes me VERY sad. The end of an era. I'm not just saying that. It really, really is.
I just got the shipping notice from My Scrapbook Nook, saying that the September kit is on its way to my doorstep. As always, that made me smile - but this time I had to kind of smile through tears because this kit? The last My Scrapbook Nook-kit ever.
It's beautiful, happylooking and so very inspiring - but it's the very last one. How am I supposed to cut THAT up? All those memories, all the laughs, all the wonderful, amazing, inspiring, beautiful, loyal friends I ahve made through that kit-club and its message board... it all seems to be rolled into that very last kit, somehow.

I will miss getting a piece of the best the business has to offer in my mail box every month. I will miss Leah's and Pam's amazing service and the jawdropping member-specials. I will miss the message board, the gallery who have been my instant-inspiration-and-feel-good-places for more than 6 years (!!).
It's the end of an era, and I tip my hat to the best kit club there ever was.

Thank you, Leah and Pam, for investing such trust in a newbie, back when, and for your constant support and friendship. You will always have a friend in me!
Thank you to all the friends I have made through the MB, for being true NOOKERS (you know what that means). You won't get rid of me THAT easy...
Thank you, My Scrapbook Nook, for more than half a decade of inspiration.
You sure go out with a bang.

5 sweethearts left feedback:

Danielle said...

Wonderful post Z and I love your words about the Nook. All I can say...I totally agree!!!
Keep in touch, girl!

Tettiz said...

Wow!! A-maz-ing!!! :D

Annika said...

So well said! It's sad to see my #1 scrappy home go. Really sad. That combination of super talent, stunning kits and warm loving friendship! My Scrapbook Nook will be for always in my heart! <3

Sarah said...

Amazing post Zarah! I've never been over to My Scrapbook Nook. Fabulous canvas. Love the colours and the details.

Sarah x

Bente Fagerberg said...

Loved your post Zarah, you really put is so well. I am fairly new to the Nook but I can tell we have a very special place there and that it will surely be missed by many. It is so sad when a good thing has to end....
Your canvas is of course fabulous. I love your work!!