Monday, September 03, 2012

The SwissGirl projects

This post is a cheating one. I know. I'm an awful blogger.
Can I just say that I have a lot on my plate (and not the sandwich, salad or chili kind) and that I have  quite a few projects up the pipeline - for later showing?

I've been away for a week, spending time in my childhood home, meeting friends I haven't seen for ages (I actually haven't been home for a year, since we moved - despite the fact that it's just a 4 hour car trip. Bad, bad, BAD me!), snapping photos of new little friends since two of my friends are now mothers, hugging my maternal grandpa+girlfriend and my paternal grandma and lunching with sis - and so on.
Not many minutes left for anything but just being in the moment!

DH followed me up after a few days, which was lovely! We came home on Sunday night, had a ton of errands to run and then, Wednesday morning (early, early) we hopped on a plane to Vienna, Austria.
Photos taken? Tons!
Blogging done? None!
Guess you can see why, now?

So, here's cheating. The LOs I made for Swiss Girl Designs.
(If you look through my later work, you'll find a lot more of the SGD-stamps on them, though.)
LOVE that company - the stamps really are fantastic quality, and SO fun/cute/cool - and I'll be stalking the blog and the etsy-store forever.
Thank you for the opportunity, Rahel! You rock! :D

Mexico - meeting the Quatli Mundis. :)

Sis & I being silly. :)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your lo's are fabulous!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee them!!! Rahel is just amazing!!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Love your pages darling ;-)

Nenne said...

*klickar på gilla-knappen*

Jag vill se meeer Zarah!

Sarah said...

Fabulous Layouts as always Zarah! So inspirational as always.

Sarah x

kate blue said...

bright and cheery and clean! LOVE! and it's great when we have a full plate when we are doing fun things right??