Monday, October 08, 2012


When looking into a mirror, always remember that the image you see might be distorted by society's warped idea of beauty.

You are good enough.

As a matter of fact, you're better than that. You're amazing, and you only get better with age, with experiences and every time you do something kind, thoughtful, generous, unselfish and loving. Even if you do it for yourself!
See, it's really difficult to build a house without a solid foundation, and if you haven't finished building YOU - everything else will be a lot trickier, too. People are a lot like houses, that way.

So go on, make a difference. Start by loving yourself.

This canvas DOES look better IRL... The crackled accents don't really show and the depth is lost in the photography. (And I must admit that the watermark doesn't really ADD to the look... ;))
Anyhow. If you'd like to see more of my canvases, there's a link up top, to the right. The one that says "gallerinet". Yup. That's the one.
Hope you like!

Make a great day!

4 sweethearts left feedback:

Sarah said...

A fabulous post and and an amazing canvas Zarah.

Sarah x

Silje said...

Oh,I love this! Beautiful!

LG said...

WOW loving all the texture and the details of your canvas. Very artistic!

Lejdi said...

wow, that's amazing. I love this dictionary piece!