Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Here be furry friends and another gentle (...) nudge.

Did you know that I journal a lot on my layouts? It's hard to believe, but it's actually true.
See, I hide my journaling in a veeery sneaky way. Super clever and definitely entirely brand new and unique for me. Or not. ;)
I print it out and stick it on the backside.

Works perfectly for me. See, while I love the look of journaling on other people's layouts, I just can't seem to get them to work, visually, on mine (anymore. I used to... back in the day... ;)) So I hide it.

This LO is about a little furry friend of mine. I met him on Rhodes. While hiking back down from Lindos Akropolis, he appeared on the (only, tiny, "unrailing'ed" and rather narrow) road down and - of course - I said "Hi there, Cat!"
He answered me by lifting his tail high up in the air and run up to me for a cuddle. (A long cuddle. If he had gotten to decide it probably would have never ended. If _I_ had gotten to decide, he'd have followed me back to Sweden.)
When I tried to leave, he stopped me by promptly stepping onto my feet and refusing to move. After I tentatively took a step and his paws "fell down", he just re-adjusted them back up on my feet.
He was absolutely adorable and there was love at first sight, as you might have figured out.

See - when other people go shopping for cheap gold or leather, or fondly remember the pretty eyes of the charming waiter/waitress on the café at the corner... I flirt with cats. Always have. Always will. Ask my dad - but don't let him tell you about that time in Corfu when I went the other way and kind of got lost. It's all a lie... ;)

Oh, and also? If DH ever tells you that 1/3 of my photos from our vacations is of cats, that's also a lie. It's probably no more than 1/4... :P

Anyhow. This is him. My crush:

Layout made for Pyssloteket. List of supplies and the entire journaling in Swedish can be found on their inspirational blog. :)

Also - here's the nudge I was talking about: Scandinavian Scrappers - check out the Pyssloteket shop and love it! There's also a Facebook Page aaaaaaand during October, Pyssloteket will donate 1 Swedish Krona per new liker on that page. So go. Like. And shop. Anna is an amazing boss and a superb shop owner! If ever in Stockholm - go visit her! There's TONS more fun stuff in the brick and mortar shop.

Have a nice day!

5 sweethearts left feedback:

ann.ian said...

Du är så fantastiskt duktig på att få till fräcka LO. Jag blir väldigt inspirerad av dej.

pysselpetra said...

Ljuvlig ♥

Luce said...

Herlig historie :o)
Nydelig delikat lo som altid - flott maling/misting og pynting :o)
Ha en super helg :o)

Hilde/Scoobie said...

Åhh så fin - jeg liker alle de "tilfeldige" detaljene på layoutene dine, som her malingen, revmne kanter, tråd etc etcc. Og historien er ho bare så søt :-)

Sarah said...

Fabulous layout as always Zarah. An excellent idea of hiding your journalling if your not happy with the look of it on your layout.

Sarah x