Monday, November 26, 2012

Colourful re-run.

For those of you who are Inzpira Magazine readers, this LO isn't exactly brand new. It has been shown before, in the Rose Issue of Inzpira (issue 3/2012). Probably about time that I share it here, as well, right?!

It's actually made after a The Color Room sketch and colour scheme. See, we have this collaboration between TCR and Inzpira and it's a lot of fun to see the result that Helena shows in each issue - just before the sketch goes live. This time, however, the entire team made something and... this is what I came up with:

This is me being silly in Denmark. DH and I found these funny little doors in the base of a church and we immediately decided that they were Hobbit homes, so we knocked to see if any "Hobbitses" would open and offer second breakfast, or elevensies.
They didn't. Then again: I would have died from a heart attack if one of the doors HAD opened, since in reality they're probably old crypts.

(I know. So disrespectful. But I think their occupants forgave us. They liked the sound of laughter. At least that's what I think.)

This is what the colour scheme & sketch looked like, courtesy of Lydell Quin and the Color Room:

Now, two things are apparent to me:
1. Maria is a way better photographer than I am...! The LO looks so much better and more like it REALLY does, in the magazine.
2. My style's evolved since then, already. It's interesting that I keep thinking I always do the exact same thing - but  seeing this LO, that I made about six months ago... well... I guess I DO change.

What else can I write about, today? Well... Obviously that you shouldn't miss out on the Inzpira Advent Calendar.
...and that I sincerely hope I haven't already shared this layout, and that I am just suffering from a tiny spell of partial amnesia. Again... If I have, you'll just have to pretend you've forgotten, too! ;)

Have a nice week!

PS. Gold star for anyone who knows (and correctly names) the source of the quote I used for my title - without Googling it...! ;)

3 sweethearts left feedback:

Tettiz said...

I think they enjoyed that bit of fun - and the page is absolutely gorgeous!! Love how you always have such brilliant titles/text on your pages - this one is no exception.

ANNAANNA said...

Men Zaaaarah... Hobbitsarna har ju RUNDA dörrar på sina hus. Fast Second Breakfast är ju alltid trevligt. Jag tror det bor Dvärgar, talande Grävlingar eller Hustomtar innanför den där dörren.


Keri said...

Love the bright florals and Hambly that you decided the crypt doors were hobbit homes too, lol, exactly what my oldest daughter would do too! :)