Saturday, December 22, 2012

A quick post + idea

This is another of my "if you've kept up with the You Do-blogg, you've seen this already-posts".
I kind of think it's cute enough to share again, though.

Easy and smart: a card with a built in holder for a gift card or some cash:

What you do is this:
You fold a piece of cardstock (12x4") at 4,6 and 8, which sort of turns it into an "M" with the inner V being two times 2x4" and the outer card being 4x4".
Make a hole in the middle piece. Glue down the OUTER edges of the inner V (make sure not to get any glue in the middle or your gift won't have any room in the pocket.

Takes a few minutes and ends up rather cute, don't you think?

Of course, all the material used is from You Do!

Have a lovely almost-Christmas-already-day! :D

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