Monday, December 10, 2012

Bag it and tag it...

Hah! Caught your eye, didn't I?!

It's not as gruesome a post as watching CSI might suggest. It's actually pretty much everything you don't expect. I hope. (Because if you accociate murder, crime and corpses with gift boxes, all I can say is: My condolences. ;))

See, this post is another one of my You Do guest posts and this time, I thought I'd treat you to my third post for them. A giftbox. I very cunningly and sneakily stole the idea from Nenne and left without a trace. (Actually, I told her I would and then linked back but... Oh well. That doesn't sound even remotely as CSI'ey and intriguing, now, dows it? ;))

In other words: for information on HOW to make this box, see Nenne. You won't regret it - she rocks!
If you want to know what materials I used, pop on over to the You Do blogg and read all about it.

If you just wanna see the box, stay put, 'cause here it is:

4 sweethearts left feedback:

Nenne said...

Tack Zarah! Men du rockar mer, så det så!

Milex said...

Love everything here

Dortesjs said...


Muffin said...

Tusen tack för tips, nu har jag också testat den här modellen. Har också länkat både hit och til Nenne.

Detta är en makalöst inspirerande blogg, ingen gör en LO som du, Z! :)

Gott Nytt på dig, kram!