Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Friday!

If you're a frequent visitor to the Inzpira Magazine blog, you might have seen these in our advent calendar. If not, they're probably new to you - but you just miiiiight still recognize the paper. Yup, you're right. Same exact paper as the box I showed before! It's from You Do and I loooove it! As a matter of fact, all the material I used for these are from You Do.
Paper, bling, snowflakes, flowers, leaves, bells...

For a quick tutorial, hop on over to the original post. It's in Swedish, but I think you'll probably understand it even if you're not natively Swedish, because I made a sketch for how to cut your 12x12" paper that I believe should be fairly easy to follow. If not - leave a comment on this post and I'll make sure to update with a short step-by-step! :D

Enough talk. Here are my "milk package giftboxes":

Hope you like them!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

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