Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winter/summer. I can't make up my mind! ;)

December came, and with it the snow. It had been grey and dark, rainy and a little cold outside during November, but no snow.
Waking up on the very first day of December, though, a white powder dusted everything in sight (and it wasn't powdered sugar, either! :P). It's a little bit lighter now, and being a rather traditional Swede, I like my star-lights up in the window on the first of advent. (Actually - we cheated and put them up on Saturday, the day BEFORE - since we spent Sunday in Helsingør, watching Santa lighting the X-mas tree on Axeltorv. It's a lovely tradition!)

I enjoy this time of the year. I actually enjoy ALL the seasons and I am so happy I live in a place where there ARE seasons. Even if I am freezing all the time, now. Wearing thick knitted socks, wooly scarves, leg warmers and thermal tights underneath my clothes on a daily basis. (And I mean while indoors.)

I just have a "broken internal thermostat", as my darling friend Hannah put it. I have a low tolerance for cold. And for heat. This being said: I still enjoy them. I freeze easily and I get overheated easily, but I kind of like the sensations. Weather rocks and I COULD very well turn this into a "save-the-planet-post" but... No.
(Although I DO think we should put more effort into that, it's a post for some other time.)

Instead, I'm gonna share a layout I made for Pyssloteket, using a photo of my darling husband at Lindos, Rhodos. I took this in May and it still makes me smile like an infatuated teenager every time I see it. While he squints a little (the sun shines BRIGHT that far up among the sand coloured ruins, and Lindos lies over the water), I just love the photo. To be honest, it might have something to do with the fact that I love that man...!
But I digress. The LO. Here it is:

For a complete list of materials used, see the Pyssloteket blog post. :)

Now, a question: Do YOU do a December Daily of some kind? If you do, please share a link so I can see or read about it! I love those and I WAS planning on making on, but as usual, time kind of flew past me. I think it might be allergic to me. Or maybe I smell?! o_0


Have a great week, and ENJOY the season!

3 sweethearts left feedback:

Mag said...

Love it !!
It´s colder and rainy here in France, but still waiting for snow...,
I dońt make DD... Each year, I want to try but each year, i dońt havé Time for it !

Luce said...

Raggsokkene er på her også - iskaldt og snø, men det får være greit - det er tross alt desember - julemåneden ;o)
Vakker lo! Flott med blomster, perler og raindrops, kult med målebåndet, chipboard og klesklype :o)
Ha en deilig førjulstid :o)

Monique Liedtke said...

What a gorgeous layout!! Love the design, the colors ... love it all!