Sunday, January 13, 2013

Longing for sunshine

Something happened in me, a few years back. From being the girl who hated being out in the sun (I have very fair skin and am quite sensitive to heat and sun. And to cold. My best friend says that my inner thermometer is broken. She's right.) I started loving the feeling of sunshine on my skin. I started longing for the scent of warmth and I enjoyed just sitting around, letting my freckles out to play.
I no longer found autumn to be the best season of the year (even if it still has its charm) and I started wishing I were somewhere else, when winter rolled around and the grey skies clouded both the light and my mind.

So now it's January of 2013 and I am tired of this grey muck. I want light. I need it.
I numb the longing with countless hours of travel-surfing. I look for cheap trips and dream about seeing all those magnificent sites in sunshiney coutries that I've yet to experience.
I make photobooks from our trips and I scrap photos like these:


LO made for, and with material from, Pyssloteket. See blogpost *here* for info! :D

How do you like winter? Do you prefer spring, summer or autumn? Do you long to get away, or have you already left for a trip, or booked one? Where would you travel if money or time wasn't an issue? Where would you live?

Share your traveling dreams, and maybe I'll see you someday, standing in front of the Treasury at Petra... Who knows?


PS. Since I am an AWFUL blogger and update very irregularly, I added the option to subscribe to my blog via email. It's on the right hand side, if you scroll down a little. Hopefully that'll streamline your blogviewing a little, and save you some time! :D

5 sweethearts left feedback:

Jonna said...

Hahaha, jag skrev nästan exakt samma text till en vän nyss, att hösten alltid har varit min favoritårstid men att sommaren helt oväntat har tagit över första platsen! Förut tyckte jag att värme var jobbigt, jag ville inte alls ut i solen, men nu nu LÄNGTAR jag! Jag vill ha sol! Jag vill se blå himmel! Är så trött på det här gråbruna vädret..

Och vilken läcker layout, vilka härliga foton!

Sandra Dietrich said...

Love your layout!

Mag said...

Wonderful layout. And such amazing pictures !!

Anna said...

Vilken underbar layout! Inte annat än att man längtar till sol och bad!

Vinterkramen Anna, som ff gillar vintern

Anna Sigga said...

Fantastic layout girl and I do love a sunny day! But I must admit that Autumn is my fave season! ;)